1) Associations will select their strongest team, then their second strongest team etc.
Associations can only declare 1 C team per division as per the following guidelines:

Number of Teams Team Declarations

1 team--------1-A1 or 1-A2 or 1-B or 1-c

2 teams-------1-A1 or 1-A2 and 1-B

1-A1 or 1-A2 and 1-C

1-A1 and 1-A2

3 teams-------1-A1 and 1-A2 and 1-B
1-A1 and 1-A2 and 1-C

1-A1 and 2-B

4 teams-------1-A1 and 1-A2 and 2-B

1-A1 and 1-A2 and 1-B and 1-C

2-A1 and 1-A2 and 1-B

2-A1 and 1-B and 1-C

1-A1 and 2-A2 and 1-B

1-A1 and 2-A2 and 1-C

1-A1 and 2-B and 1-C

5 teams------1-A1 and 1-A2 and 2-B and 1-C

1-A1 and 2-A2 and 2-B

2-A1 and 1-A2 and 2-B

2-A1 and 1-A2 and 1-B and 1-C

2-A1 and 2-A2 and 1-B

2-A1 and 2-A2 and 1-C

1-A1 and 1-A2 and 2-B and 1-C

1-A1 and 2-B and 2-C

6 teams or more--contact the commission.

No exceptions to the above rules. Mini-Tyke and Tyke must not be tiered. Teams are declared at the March declaration meeting as per above. A correct declaration is not to win the division but to play competitively and to have an enjoyable season.

The start of league play is to be determined at the Declaration meeting.

Each team should play a minimum total of sixteen league games in PeeWee and higher levels and twelve games minimum in Novice and lower levels.

The first half season league play would finish by mid May. The exact date to be determined at the Declaration meeting. Mini-Tyke and Tyke teams would be exempt from this season split. Each team from Novice and above will play a minimum of seven scheduled league games by this date. There will be no rescheduling of any of these games into the second half of season play. All first half season games must be played within the time lines allowed.

Commissioners and the Lower Mainland Executive will meet (date, time and location to be determined at the declaration meeting) to discuss any team movement. All score sheets and league standings must be on hand for this evaluation. The commissioner will not have the final decision on any team movement. The decision to move any team will be made by a mahority vote of all those in attendance. if for any reason a team wishes to move to a higher level of league play, the request will be presented at this meeting. If for any reason anyone in attendance has a vested interest in the outcome of any team movement, that person in conflict must leave the room until after the vote has been taken.

Any team which is moved to a different level of league play will receive an accumulative number of points equal to the average of teh balance of the teams playing at that level.

There will be no further movement of any team after May 31st of each playing year.