Port Coquitlam Minor Lacrosse Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines.


A. CANADIAN LACROSSE ASSOCIATION (CLA) - The highest national body, responsible for National Teams, international competition and Inter-Provincial play (National Championships).  Responsible for "Rules of the Game".

B. BRITISH COLUMBIA LACROSSE ASSOCIATION (BCLA) - Provincial body responsible for administrating Provincial Championships and Inter-Commission play.  Committees governing Intermediate, Junior, Senior, Field and Female are responsible to the BCLA "Executive Committee". The BCLA Committee responsible for Minor Lacrosse is called: "The Minor Directorate".


i. LOWER MAINLAND MINOR LACROSSE COMMISSION (LMMLC) - responsible for Minor Box Lacrosse Inter-Association play within the area of the Lower Mainland of B.C.

ii. PACIFIC COAST FIELD LACROSSE LEAGUE (PCFLL) - responsible for Minor Field Lacrosse in B.C.

D. PORT COQUITLAM MINOR LACROSSE ASSOCIATION (PCMLA) - Our "Home Association", responsible to PCMLA membership for the administration of Minor Lacrosse in Port Coquitlam.  The Annual General Meeting (AGM), is held second or third Sunday in September.

i. The PCMLA Executive Committee is comprised of eight elected (nine named) positions as "Officers of the Association":

 a. (The Past President - not elected)  e. The 3rd Vice-President
 b. The President   f. The 4th Vice-President
 c. The 1st Vice-President   g. The Treasurer
 d. The 2nd Vice-President  h. The Secretary
   i. The Registrar

ii. and ten directors, each of whom assume the following positions:

 a. Public Relations  f. Novice Division Manager
 b. Equipment Manager  g. PeeWee Division Manager
 c. Referee-in-chief  h. Bantam Division Manager
 d. Head Coach  i. Midget Division Manager
 e. Mini-Tyke & Tyke Division Manager  j.   Female Division

iii.  The Officers of the Association are elected for a two-year term; the Directors for a one-year term.  If there is a position vacant or, vacated during the term of office, the President may appoint a member of the Association to assume that position until the next AGM, whereby the position will be considered open for nominations and subsequent election, for the balance of that term, if applicable (two-year terms only).

iv. The Constitution and By-Laws of the Association can only be amended at an Annual General Meeting, or a Special General Meeting.  Members of the Association, coaches and managers, should be familiar with the Constitution and By-Laws, as well as these Regulations.  Copies of the Constitution, By-Laws and Operating Policies, can be supplied to members, by the Secretary of the Association.