Port Coquitlam Minor Lacrosse Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines.


A. CANADIAN LACROSSE ASSOCIATION (CLA) - The highest national body, responsible for National Teams, international competition and Inter-Provincial play (National Championships).  Responsible for "Rules of the Game".

B. BRITISH COLUMBIA LACROSSE ASSOCIATION (BCLA) - Provincial body responsible for administrating Provincial Championships and Inter-Commission play.  Committees governing Intermediate, Junior, Senior, Field and Female are responsible to the BCLA "Executive Committee". The BCLA Committee responsible for Minor Lacrosse is called: "The Minor Directorate".


i. LOWER MAINLAND MINOR LACROSSE COMMISSION (LMMLC) - responsible for Minor Box Lacrosse Inter-Association play within the area of the Lower Mainland of B.C.

ii. PACIFIC COAST FIELD LACROSSE LEAGUE (PCFLL) - responsible for Minor Field Lacrosse in B.C.

D. PORT COQUITLAM MINOR LACROSSE ASSOCIATION (PCMLA) - Our "Home Association", responsible to PCMLA membership for the administration of Minor Lacrosse in Port Coquitlam.  The Annual General Meeting (AGM), is held second or third Sunday in September.

i. The PCMLA Executive Committee is comprised of eight elected (nine named) positions as "Officers of the Association":

 a. (The Past President - not elected)  e. The 3rd Vice-President
 b. The President   f. The 4th Vice-President
 c. The 1st Vice-President   g. The Treasurer
 d. The 2nd Vice-President  h. The Secretary
   i. The Registrar

ii. and ten directors, each of whom assume the following positions:

 a. Public Relations  f. Novice Division Manager
 b. Equipment Manager  g. PeeWee Division Manager
 c. Referee-in-chief  h. Bantam Division Manager
 d. Head Coach  i. Midget Division Manager
 e. Mini-Tyke & Tyke Division Manager  j.   Female Division

iii.  The Officers of the Association are elected for a two-year term; the Directors for a one-year term.  If there is a position vacant or, vacated during the term of office, the President may appoint a member of the Association to assume that position until the next AGM, whereby the position will be considered open for nominations and subsequent election, for the balance of that term, if applicable (two-year terms only).

iv. The Constitution and By-Laws of the Association can only be amended at an Annual General Meeting, or a Special General Meeting.  Members of the Association, coaches and managers, should be familiar with the Constitution and By-Laws, as well as these Regulations.  Copies of the Constitution, By-Laws and Operating Policies, can be supplied to members, by the Secretary of the Association.


A. DRAW AREA: Players registered with the Port Coquitlam Minor Lacrosse Association shall be:

i. Residents of the Municipality of Port Coquitlam.

ii. Transferred from other Associations as per LMMLC, PCFLL, and/or BCLA Rules.

B. REGISTRATION: There shall be a closed registration of players in order to accommodate the membership from the previous year.  A further open registration may be held in order to accommodate new members or members transferred (as per 2-A-ii).  Preference of open registration shall be to residents of the City of Port Coquitlam.  All players registered are subject to evaluation and classification prior to being allocated to a team.

i.  Following the first tiering game, refunds of registration fees shall only be for confirmed medical reasons or, insufficient players for a team.

ii  Any player wishing to register with PCMLA after the last scheduled registration date will be subject to a $10.00 late registration processing fee.

iii Any player transferring from another association must provide copies of release from releasing association to the President and the Registrar.

C. EVALUATIONS: for the purpose of team selection, shall be called in all divisions from "Novice Advanced" to "Midget" and shall be under the direct supervision of the Division Manager (Box) / 4th Vice-President (Field).

i. The Association Head Coach shall assume overall responsibility for the evaluation format.

ii. It is recommended that coaches not involved with the team be employed to facilitate tryouts, with the team Head Coach and other evaluators observing from the stands or sidelines.

iii.  All players will be contacted and invited to evaluations and shall receive at least two evaluation opportunities.  The "cut" process shall be personal and factual, with both the Team Head Coach and the Division Manager (Box) / 4th Vice-President (Field) present.

iv. The first team out (usually the "A" team), shall have first right of refusal of all players in the Division and shall be given the opportunity to observe and/or invite the player to an evaluation.  After evaluations, the Coach of the first team shall submit a list of players for placement on that team.  The coach of the second team shall then submit a list of players selected for placement on the second team.  Any remaining players shall be placed on the third team.  If there are enough players for more than three teams the preceding formula shall continue until all players have been placed on a team.  Players wishing to play on a team other than the team on which they have been placed must request transfer as provided for in PCMLA Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines.  Players placed on the first team requesting transfer to a lower team shall not be allowed to transfer if such a transfer would create an imbalance in numbers, diminish the over-all on-floor performance of the first team, or give the impression of stacking a lower team.  Any player on the first team denied transfer to a lower team may request an out-of-association release.  Players are encouraged to compete at their level capable, within their division.

v. No player shall be released from a team, after the first league game of the season, without the express approval of the Executive Committee.

vi. The appropriate Division Manager (Box) / 4th Vice-President (Field) shall receive completed rosters from their coaches, within 14 days of the date of the first official "callout for evaluations" for the Division.

vii.  The parent/s of a player requesting NOT to attend evaluations or, be released from or, to play on a particular team within the same Division, shall make written submission to the Appeals Committee detailing the reasons for their request.  The Appeals Committee shall report their recommendation to the Executive Committee.

viii.  No person shall be permitted to practice with any PCMLA team in any manner whatsoever, unless registered with PCMLA.

ix. No player shall be permitted to "tryout", or be rostered to any team in a higher age Division, without the express written consent of the Executive Committee.  Teams requesting occasional use of players from a lower age-division, must do so according to LMMLC (for box lacrosse) or PCFLL (for field lacrosse) policies, securing permission from the affected team and BOTH respective Division Managers (Box) or 4th Vice-President (Field).

D. PLAYER DRAFTS: Shall be held under the direct supervision of the respective Division Manager (Box) / 4th Vice-President (Field), a player draft shall take place in Divisions Mini-Tyke to Novice and/or in those divisions where teams are required by LMMLC, PCFLL, and/or BCLA, to be equally balanced.

i. All players in the Division shall be evaluated prior to the Draft.

ii. It is desirable that no more than 16 players be selected to drafted teams in the Mini-Tyke to Novice Divisions.

iii.  All evaluated players shall be ranked from 1 to 5, with 1 being the higher skilled.  Those players who have not yet been released by a higher designated team shall be considered as 1's and included in the draft.

iv. All rankings shall be confirmed by the Division Manager (Box) / 4th Vice-President (Field) and agreed by the majority of the coaches present at the draft.  Any change to a player's ranking MUST be completed before the draft commences.

v. A selection by the coaches of playing cards will determine the Draft order.  The draft will be a reversing selection i.e.: 1-2-3, 3-2-1, 1-2-3, 3-2-1.

vi. A separate draft, including a new selection of playing cards will be made for those players, deemed as goaltenders whether desirous, or experienced.

vii.  Coaches may protect their own child, who must be the coach's first selection in the category (1-5) the child was ranked.  There will be NO other protection.  If a coach does not have a child in the draft they shall have NO protected status for any player, including prospective managers or, assistant coaches.

viii.  A coach may "PASS" on a player selection only ONCE during the drafting process.

ix. Trades of convenience (player movement) may be made by consenting coaches immediately upon completion of the Draft and must be approved by the respective Division Manager (Box) / 4th Vice-President (Field), present at the Draft.

x. Special requests for player movement, subsequent to completion of the draft shall be in writing and referred to the Appeals Committee for their recommendation to the Executive Committee.

xi. Any other player movement will be at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

xii.  A series of exhibition games shall be held between the drafted teams within 14 days to determine equality.  If teams are determined by the Division Manager (Box) / 4th Vice-President (Field) to be unbalanced, players may be moved to compensate.

xiii.  It is the responsibility of the Division Manager (Box) / 4th Vice-President (Field) to ensure all drafted players and parents must be made aware of the possibility of player movement, for the purpose of initial balance and equality between the drafted teams.

E. INCOMING PLAYERS: Those players registering subsequent to the evaluation and team selection process, shall have the opportunity to compete at the highest level capable.  The first team out (usually the "A" team) shall have the first right of refusal of all players registering in the Division and the coach shall have the opportunity to observe and/or invite the player to an evaluation.

i. No player shall be released from a team, after the first league game as a result of an "incoming player", without the express approval of the Executive Committee.

ii. No player shall practice or tryout for a PCMLA team unless they are a registered member of PCMLA.

iii.  Non-residents of the Municipality of Port Coquitlam, registered the previous year in another Association, shall not be invited to tryout, or compete for a team in PCMLA without the prior written consent of the Presidents of the two affected Associations.

F. MAJOR PENALTIES AND CONDUCT UNBECOMING: All players and members of this Association shall conduct themselves in such a manner as not to embarrass their team, their Association, or their sport.

i.  The respective Division Manager (Box) / 4th Vice-President (Field) shall be advised within 24 hours and maintain an accurate record of all major, misconduct, game misconduct, match, or gross misconduct penalties or any other incident that has appeared to bring discredit to the Association and shall immediately report same to the President of the Association, who has the authority to suspend players, team personnel or, any member of the Association, pending a hearing by the Discipline Committee.


A. COACH SELECTION: A Coach Selection Committee, appointed by the President, chaired by the Head Coach of the Association, shall be formed to accept and screen applications for Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Managers or Trainers.

i. This Committee shall review applications and interview candidates, if required, presenting their recommendations to the Executive Committee.

ii. If a coach applicant is a member of the Coach Selection Committee they shall excuse themselves from any part of the interview process dealing with the respective team (or division, if considered conflicting), they have applied for.  Dissimilar questions must be employed when interviewing a Coach Selection Committee member, applying as coach.

iii.  Coach candidates shall be informed with 48 hours of the decision of the Executive Committee.  If dissatisfied with the decision of the Executive Committee, the aggrieved candidate or, any other member, must submit a written request, accompanied by an amount of $50.00, within 48 hours of being notified of the decision, to the Appeals Committee.

iv. The Appeals Committee shall present their recommendation to the Executive Committee, within seven days of the initial decision.  The aggrieved party shall be notified of the decision of the Executive Committee within 48 hours.  Any further action shall be according to the By-Laws of the Association.


i. Association equipment shall be drawn from the Equipment Manager at the beginning of the season.  Count and note the condition of all equipment supplied.

ii. All items provided by the Association are considered property of the Association and the safekeeping of which shall ultimately rest with the coach and/or manager of the team to which they were issued.  Equipment should be returned in similar condition (barring reasonable wear and tear) as it was issued.  All Coaches must ensure that the parents are clearly aware of their responsibilities regarding Association equipment.  Lost Association equipment issued to the player, by the coach or manager, shall be the responsibility of the parent.  If any Association equipment is lost or stolen, a reasonably depreciated amount may be assessed to that player/parent and may be added to that player's registration fees for the year following.

iii.  Equipment shall be counted and returned to the Equipment Manager on the day specified for your team.  All jerseys and shorts shall be washed prior to return.

iv. Games shall be played indoors whenever possible and as allocated by the Association scheduler.

v. If weather conditions permit, players should warm-up and stretch prior to going on the floor, allowing a longer warm-up and ball-handling period for the players and goaltender.

vi. Upon completion of the game the visiting team leaves the playing area first.  Have your players go to their bench upon completion of the handshake.

vii. Playing time shall be allotted according the "Fair Play" philosophy, which is subscribed by this Association.
viii. Inform Division Managers of all major, misconduct, game misconduct, match, or gross misconduct penalties so they can track them as per 2.F.i.

C. DIVISION MANAGERS and 4th VP – Field Lacrosse:  Shall ensure that practices for each team in the Division are held on a regular basis with consideration given to the age and maturity level of the players.  They shall be organized with attention to adequate water provided, stretching, warm-up and cool-down and length of time duration.  Division Managers shall ensure their coaches are aware of the following:

i. BOX LACROSSE ONLY -- Teams should be prompt leaving the floor when required (cut 5 minutes from the end of their practice if necessary).  If a conflict of floor time is apparent, coaches should be tactful when entering discussions with other coaches.  If unable to come to an agreement regarding sharing the floor simultaneously, the younger, or lower category (A-B-C) team shall have priority.

ii. All facilities should be inspected by coaches prior to their use and report any discrepancies to the Division Manager, as soon as possible.  Please remember the coaches are responsible in this regard, do NOT play, or practice under unsafe conditions.

iii. Coaches should receive as soon as possible, all rules, regulations, policies and procedures relating to their respective division, including either BCLA Minor Directorate Regulations or BCLA Field Lacrosse Directorate Regulations;  the LMMLC Policy book or PCFLL Policy Book; and PCMLA policies and guidelines.

ix. Keep track of all major, misconduct, game misconduct, match, or gross misconduct penalties so they can track them as per 2.F.i.



4.      TEAMS


i. to the LMMLC of our intentions to participate in divisions and categories is usually determined by previous history, registration and talent assessment.  The Division Manager shall recommend the intention of their respective teams to the Executive Committee.  This is a sensitive area and should be approached with care.  We are a large Association and therefore should declare ourselves in as high a tier as possible.  LMMLC will have the final determination where we tier.  Teams may also be moved by LMMLC during league play, if found to be tiered incorrectly.

ii. To PCFLL in a manner to best foster the game of field lacrosse.

B. EXHIBITION GAMES AND TOURNAMENTS: The appropriate PCMLA Division Manager (Box) / 4th Vice-President (Field) must be notified by the Coach/Manager prior to participation in any exhibition games and/or tournaments.  The LMMLC League Commissioner must be notified prior to participation in any exhibition games or tournaments with teams not governed by LMMLC (Out-of-town tournaments or tours).

C. GAME REPORTS: must be submitted as per league requirements.  Team Management is solely responsible for submitting this information to appropriate commissioner.

D. TEAM TRAVEL AND OUT-OF-TOWN TOURNAMENTS: must be approved by the Executive Committee.  Advise your Division Manager (Box) / 4th Vice-President (Field) and it will be presented to the Executive Committee for their approval.

E. FUND-RAISING: Must be approved!  Provide the Fundraising / Promotion Director with team fund-raising project/s and the purpose for the monies raised for presentation to the Executive Committee.

F. RISK MANAGEMENT: It is incumbent on all members of this Association to identify, assess, control and minimize the risk of bodily injury or, financial loss from Association activities.  If a facility, in your opinion, is determined unsafe, please report it immediately to your Division Manager (Box) / 4th Vice-President (Field) if possible, or to the facilities staff and follow-up in writing.

G. COMPLAINTS, PROTESTS, APPEALS: Complaints and protests to BCLA or, League governing bodies, regarding other Associations, parents, players or officials, must be made on the letterhead of our Association over the signature of the President.  Appeals to decision by BCLA, or governing leagues, regarding these complaints must be made in accordance with the Policies and Procedures of the BCLA and the governing leagues.

i . Internal complaints by members of PCMLA not related to the findings of the Discipline Committee, must be submitted in writing within 48 hours, to the President, who will call a meeting of the Appeals Committee.  The Appeals Committee will report their findings to the Executive Committee within 7 days.  The Executive Committee will notify the aggrieved party within 48 hours of their meeting.  A deposit is not required for a complaint or protest in this regard.

ii. Appeals to the decision of the Executive Committee regarding internal complaints and protest, must be made in accordance with the By-Laws of the Association.

H. AWARDS: Awards are presented to those players or members deserving, at the Annual General Meeting of the Association.  Nominations for awards are to be presented to the Chairman of the Awards Committee, 30 days prior to the Association AGM.

I. PROPOSED AMENDMENTS: to these Regulations must be submitted to the Executive Committee prior to December 31.  These "Regulations, Policies and Guidelines" shall be distributed to each Coach before "Evaluations" commence, in that playing season.

Changes January 2000: