A. COACH SELECTION: A Coach Selection Committee, appointed by the President, chaired by the Head Coach of the Association, shall be formed to accept and screen applications for Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Managers or Trainers.

i. This Committee shall review applications and interview candidates, if required, presenting their recommendations to the Executive Committee.

ii. If a coach applicant is a member of the Coach Selection Committee they shall excuse themselves from any part of the interview process dealing with the respective team (or division, if considered conflicting), they have applied for.  Dissimilar questions must be employed when interviewing a Coach Selection Committee member, applying as coach.

iii.  Coach candidates shall be informed with 48 hours of the decision of the Executive Committee.  If dissatisfied with the decision of the Executive Committee, the aggrieved candidate or, any other member, must submit a written request, accompanied by an amount of $50.00, within 48 hours of being notified of the decision, to the Appeals Committee.

iv. The Appeals Committee shall present their recommendation to the Executive Committee, within seven days of the initial decision.  The aggrieved party shall be notified of the decision of the Executive Committee within 48 hours.  Any further action shall be according to the By-Laws of the Association.


i. Association equipment shall be drawn from the Equipment Manager at the beginning of the season.  Count and note the condition of all equipment supplied.

ii. All items provided by the Association are considered property of the Association and the safekeeping of which shall ultimately rest with the coach and/or manager of the team to which they were issued.  Equipment should be returned in similar condition (barring reasonable wear and tear) as it was issued.  All Coaches must ensure that the parents are clearly aware of their responsibilities regarding Association equipment.  Lost Association equipment issued to the player, by the coach or manager, shall be the responsibility of the parent.  If any Association equipment is lost or stolen, a reasonably depreciated amount may be assessed to that player/parent and may be added to that player's registration fees for the year following.

iii.  Equipment shall be counted and returned to the Equipment Manager on the day specified for your team.  All jerseys and shorts shall be washed prior to return.

iv. Games shall be played indoors whenever possible and as allocated by the Association scheduler.

v. If weather conditions permit, players should warm-up and stretch prior to going on the floor, allowing a longer warm-up and ball-handling period for the players and goaltender.

vi. Upon completion of the game the visiting team leaves the playing area first.  Have your players go to their bench upon completion of the handshake.

vii. Playing time shall be allotted according the "Fair Play" philosophy, which is subscribed by this Association.
viii. Inform Division Managers of all major, misconduct, game misconduct, match, or gross misconduct penalties so they can track them as per 2.F.i.

C. DIVISION MANAGERS and 4th VP – Field Lacrosse:  Shall ensure that practices for each team in the Division are held on a regular basis with consideration given to the age and maturity level of the players.  They shall be organized with attention to adequate water provided, stretching, warm-up and cool-down and length of time duration.  Division Managers shall ensure their coaches are aware of the following:

i. BOX LACROSSE ONLY -- Teams should be prompt leaving the floor when required (cut 5 minutes from the end of their practice if necessary).  If a conflict of floor time is apparent, coaches should be tactful when entering discussions with other coaches.  If unable to come to an agreement regarding sharing the floor simultaneously, the younger, or lower category (A-B-C) team shall have priority.

ii. All facilities should be inspected by coaches prior to their use and report any discrepancies to the Division Manager, as soon as possible.  Please remember the coaches are responsible in this regard, do NOT play, or practice under unsafe conditions.

iii. Coaches should receive as soon as possible, all rules, regulations, policies and procedures relating to their respective division, including either BCLA Minor Directorate Regulations or BCLA Field Lacrosse Directorate Regulations;  the LMMLC Policy book or PCFLL Policy Book; and PCMLA policies and guidelines.

ix. Keep track of all major, misconduct, game misconduct, match, or gross misconduct penalties so they can track them as per 2.F.i.