4.      TEAMS


i. to the LMMLC of our intentions to participate in divisions and categories is usually determined by previous history, registration and talent assessment.  The Division Manager shall recommend the intention of their respective teams to the Executive Committee.  This is a sensitive area and should be approached with care.  We are a large Association and therefore should declare ourselves in as high a tier as possible.  LMMLC will have the final determination where we tier.  Teams may also be moved by LMMLC during league play, if found to be tiered incorrectly.

ii. To PCFLL in a manner to best foster the game of field lacrosse.

B. EXHIBITION GAMES AND TOURNAMENTS: The appropriate PCMLA Division Manager (Box) / 4th Vice-President (Field) must be notified by the Coach/Manager prior to participation in any exhibition games and/or tournaments.  The LMMLC League Commissioner must be notified prior to participation in any exhibition games or tournaments with teams not governed by LMMLC (Out-of-town tournaments or tours).

C. GAME REPORTS: must be submitted as per league requirements.  Team Management is solely responsible for submitting this information to appropriate commissioner.

D. TEAM TRAVEL AND OUT-OF-TOWN TOURNAMENTS: must be approved by the Executive Committee.  Advise your Division Manager (Box) / 4th Vice-President (Field) and it will be presented to the Executive Committee for their approval.

E. FUND-RAISING: Must be approved!  Provide the Fundraising / Promotion Director with team fund-raising project/s and the purpose for the monies raised for presentation to the Executive Committee.

F. RISK MANAGEMENT: It is incumbent on all members of this Association to identify, assess, control and minimize the risk of bodily injury or, financial loss from Association activities.  If a facility, in your opinion, is determined unsafe, please report it immediately to your Division Manager (Box) / 4th Vice-President (Field) if possible, or to the facilities staff and follow-up in writing.

G. COMPLAINTS, PROTESTS, APPEALS: Complaints and protests to BCLA or, League governing bodies, regarding other Associations, parents, players or officials, must be made on the letterhead of our Association over the signature of the President.  Appeals to decision by BCLA, or governing leagues, regarding these complaints must be made in accordance with the Policies and Procedures of the BCLA and the governing leagues.

i . Internal complaints by members of PCMLA not related to the findings of the Discipline Committee, must be submitted in writing within 48 hours, to the President, who will call a meeting of the Appeals Committee.  The Appeals Committee will report their findings to the Executive Committee within 7 days.  The Executive Committee will notify the aggrieved party within 48 hours of their meeting.  A deposit is not required for a complaint or protest in this regard.

ii. Appeals to the decision of the Executive Committee regarding internal complaints and protest, must be made in accordance with the By-Laws of the Association.

H. AWARDS: Awards are presented to those players or members deserving, at the Annual General Meeting of the Association.  Nominations for awards are to be presented to the Chairman of the Awards Committee, 30 days prior to the Association AGM.

I. PROPOSED AMENDMENTS: to these Regulations must be submitted to the Executive Committee prior to December 31.  These "Regulations, Policies and Guidelines" shall be distributed to each Coach before "Evaluations" commence, in that playing season.

Changes January 2000: