Box Rules Summary
  • Six players per side including the goalie. Each team dresses 17 players and carries a roster of 23 players.
  • All players per game must user standard lacrosse sticks 40 to 46 inches in length. Goalies may use a wider mouthed goaltender's stick.
  • There are four 15-minute periods. Each team is allowed two 45 second time outs per half.
  • There is 30-second shot clock.
  • Games ending with a tie score are decided by a sudden death overtime. Each overtime period will be five minutes or until a goal is scored.
  • The players are known as centers, forwards, attack, and goalies.
Box Substitutions
  • Substitutions are usually made in lines of five, including a special unit of power plays.
  • Substitutions are made freely, a substitute may not enter the field until the player he is replacing is within the team's substitution zone.
Box Lacrosse Face-offs
  • The face-off is a strategic play where two players face their crosses (sticks) with the ball placed on the ground between the crosses. The remaining players must stay behind the attack area until the referee blows the whistle.
Box Penalties
  • All personal fouls are two minutes in duration and the penalized player is release from the penalty box if a goal is scored before the expiration of the two minutes.
  • A more serious foul (e.g. fighting, boarding from the rear, etc.) is a five minute personal foul and the penalized player is released from the box prior to the expiration of five minutes if two goals are scored.
  • A team can never have more than two players down at once time. If a third penalty is called against a team which already has two player in the penalty box the referee shall allow the unpenalized team one penalty shot.
  • Offensive screening (stationary or moving pick) is allowed as long as it is from the front or side of the screened player, however, a moving pick is allowed only when the screened player is moving and not more than two steps are taken before setting the pick.
  • A defending player may use his stick against the offensive player carrying the ball in any fashion, provided he does not slash the offensive player in the head or below the knees and as long as the strike by the defensive player is an attempt the dislodge the ball from the attacking player's stick.


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