Welcome to another exciting year of PoCo Lacrosse!

We are pleased and proud that you have enjoyed playing the game here in PoCo. One of the reasons you have been able to do so is thanks to others who have played the game who have expanded their knowledge, experience and enjoyment of the game by becoming referees. Not only that, referees also get to expand their wallets and/or bank accounts!

If you are 12 years old (by December 31, 2008) or older you also now have this opportunity, to do as many have before you in giving back to the game by being there as a ref for the younger players.

Other benefits to being a ref are the various scholarship and acknowledgement considerations (i.e. Pepsi Player of the Year & PoCo Graduating Midget awards). Service to the game of lacrosse in the capacity of a referee is strongly considered.

Please e-mail the PCMLA head referee indicating your interest and your contact information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..