COVID-19 Saftey Procedures

The Port Coquitlam Minor Lacrosse Association would like to remind Players, Coaches, Parents and our Community to ensure we are respecting and following the Return to Play Guidelines set out by BCLA and the local community requirements applicable at our home fields and those neighbouring fields we visit as guest teams.  It is a privilege for us to be enjoying our sport of Lacrosse during these challenging times and ensuring we are able to do so safely is our  priority.

With the specifics of our safety protocols available here, we remind everyone to:

  1. complete the COVID-19 Health Check prior to attending our fields.
  2. ensure our players are dressed prior to arriving at the field and that there are no bags, bins or any other personal items of any kind at the fields.
  3. take the time to understand and respect the Safety Requirements at the fields we are visiting.
  4. ensure we are complying with the Safety Protocols set out by the Province of British Columbia, including the need for physical distancing and the use of masks where we cannot maintain a physical distance of 2m.

The responsibility for safety starts with each of us. If you have questions about these policies or requirements, please visit COVID-19 or BCLA for more information.