Poco Wall Ball Challenge

We want your pictures and videos

With the uncertainty, and challenging times we are currently enduring, we would like to have a fun Spring Break lacrosse contest!

We are encouraging our Poco Saints boys and girls to keep their sticks in their hands, get and throw the ball around, enjoy our outdoor facilities, and take advantage of the sunshine.

  • Who can do the most continuous wall ball attempts?
  • Who can switch hands while playing wall ball?
  • Who can do backhands while playing wall ball?
  • We want to see your tricks with sticks attempts!

Send us your videos by tagging our Instagram @pocominorlacrosse and use the #pocowallballchallenge.

We will award two winners each week during the postponement of the lacrosse season.  Winners will receive Saints Swag.

Take care everyone, and lets help each other out during these trying times.  

PoCo Proud!